Become A Founder - The 50 Million Penny Sustained Giving Campaign

WLPAA 50 Million Penny Seed Fund Explainer Video from Garry M. Spotts on Vimeo.

West Louisville Performing Arts Academy (WLPAA) is launching the 50 Million Pennies Sustained Giving Campaign, also known as the Founders Endowment Seed Fund.

The purpose of the 50 Million Pennies Campaign is a grassroots fundraising campaign that connects the Academy to 5,000 individuals and families across the region through a sustained giving initiative that creates a seed fund for the Academy’s endowment. 

The goal is to solicit 5,000 donors who will commit to give 10,000 pennies ($100.00) to the WLPAA over the next five (5) years.  Each donor may commit to a recurring gift each year of the five-year campaign or give once during the campaign.  The objectives of the campaign are:

  1. to generate $500,000.00 to seed the endowment,
  2. to build and grow a grassroots community-based support around the academy,
  3. to sustain the endowment’s development efforts and
  4. to fund and add professional support staff to manage the Academy’s back-office operations.