WLPA A Embarks On An Ambitious $500,000.00 Fundraising Campaign!

Written on 01/13/2021
Garry Spotts

McDaniel Bluitt, the founder and 30-year director of the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy, will launch a bold project on January 15, 2021, to create an endowment for its future.  The Academy's goal is to create an endowment seed fund by raising $500,000.00 over the next five years through grassroots community-based giving. The Academy is planning the "50 Million Pennies Founders Seed Fund Campaign." The two-pronged plan intends to 1) build a community based following of 1,000 – 5,000 individuals, families, and organizations that connect to the Academy's work 2.) to solicit Seed Fund Founders who will commit to donating $100.00 toward the endowment goal.

Why now? The Covid-19 Pandemic has taught some vital lessons to the Academy.  The need for a broader base of support and the ability to touch the communities that the Academy serves are the primary reasons for the launch.

Formerly the West Louisville Boys Choir, the WLPAA has enjoyed wide success during Mr. Bluitt's tenure.  The opportunity to earn a four-year scholarship to the University of Louisville and a performance tour through Europe with the Boys Choir are among the most notable achievements.

"We've done well, with obvious ups and downs over the 30 years, and I a proud of what we have achieved." Mr. Bluitt said, "I believe that we can do more, reach more youth and grow the Academy beyond what we have thus far.

The youth experience so much more than music, with after-school tutoring, Summer camp experiences, building a work ethic, etiquette classes, and more.

The WLPAA has enjoyed broad support from generous donors, corporate sponsors, the Arts Fund, and the Arts Community.  The Academy has thrived on these gifts and used them to impact 1,000's of youth through its work.  The Founders Seed Fund provides the Academy with a sustained giving donor base that can and will become the seeds of an endowment for the youth's future. 


Mr. McDaniel Bluitt is a retired JCPS music teacher and continues his passion along with his wife, Mrs. Mamie Bluitt for educating and positively impacting youth.

For More Information Visit:  https://www.wlpaafund.org or https://www.wlpaa.org

Garry M. Spotts serves as the campaign consultant and coordinator.  He is available via email at garry@weboniqs.com or by phone at 502.291.9376